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Easy Medicaid Enrollment. Substantial Savings

BeneStream reduces the cost of providing health insurance benefits for low-income workers from several hundred dollars per month to $20 by screening and enrolling those workers into Medicaid. As the individual and employer mandates of the Affordable Care Act take hold, employers will see significant increases in the number of workers enrolled in their company's health insurance plans. These workers will cost $2,000-$4,000 per year to insure. BeneStream reduces this cost to $240 per year by ensuring that workers who qualify for Medicaid get enrolled, making them likely to turn down their employer's insurance.

BeneStream saves employers 90% of the cost of either supplying insurance, or paying penalties for not providing insurance, for every low-income worker who chooses Medicaid over the employer’s plan.

BeneStream uses a combination of technology and a multilingual call center to guide workers through the enrollment process and then report back to employers whether an employee has enrolled in Medicaid. Employers are required only to distribute a small amount of informational material to their workers and then make a computer available for the enrollment process. BeneStream handles any subsequent questions a worker may have, while the employer is given access to an online report letting them know which employees are eligible for Medicaid.

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