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FREE Self-Service Legal Compliance Resources for our valued clients!

  • We are very pleased to announce an exciting new offering from our partner Infinisource Benefit Services... myHRcounsel’s™ Compliance Center™.
  • This new offering provides you with a full self-service compliance center at no additional charge to you!
  • You can now access myHRcounsel’s ™ Compliance Center™, which includes key employment, ERISA and corporate law documents, legal overviews, checklists and legal information on all Federal and 50 state employment laws, through the link provided below.  
  • By using myHRcounsel’s™ Compliance Center™, you will now have important current documentation required to comply with federal and state laws.
  • Through our partner Infinisource, you also have the unique option to consult with the attorneys at myHRcounsel™ for everyday compliance questions at a low per-employee per month (PEPM) rate for legal protection, counsel and important current documentation for the HR and legal functions critical to your business.  
Next Steps for using myHRcounsel’s™ Compliance Center™

  1. Click on the this link to access myHRcounsel's Compliance Center
  2. If you are interested in the additional legal services from myHRcounsel, click on Premium Services and follow the prompts to subscribe to unlimited access to employment and business attorneys.
  3. And if you are in discussing other Human Resources Administration Services (or Insurance Services), please feel free to contact us to discuss your situation & what types of services you are interested in.

Another fine service available to our valued clients...
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