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Group Hospital Deductible Insurance Plan

  • Simple & Affordable
  • Designed to Supplement High-Deductible Health Insurance Plans
  • Provides Cash Benefits for Inpatient-Hospitalization
  • Pays a Lump-Sum Benefit directly to the insured
  • Benefits as high as $5,000
  • Maternity Coverage same as any other illness
  • Compatible with HSA Insurance Plans

Easy to Offer to your Employees

  • NO Employer Contribution required
  • NO Minimum Participation Requirement (for Voluntary offerings)
  • NO Medical Questions
  • Guaranteed Issue for Eligible Employees & Dependents
Who pays for this coverage?

  • Voluntary-Basis: Employees pay SOME or ALL of the premiums for themselves and their dependents through payroll-deduction. This approach has NO MINIMUM participation requirement, so whoever wants this coverage- can take it.
  • Blanket-Basis: Employer pays 100% of the Employee-Only rate for all eligible employees. Employees can elect to insure their dependents, and pay the full cost of their dependents via payroll-deduction. This approach requires 100% participation of all eligible employees.

  • NOTE: Employee premiums can be paid using PRE-TAX income (which saves money on taxes) if set up properly.

Pre-existing conditions

  • Voluntary-Basis: If the employees pays ANY portion of the premiums for their own coverage there is a 6 month pre-existing conditions exclusion.
  • Blanket-Basis: When the employer pays the full "Employee-Only" premium there is NO Pre-existing conditions exclusion. Employees can elect to insure their dependents & can be required to pay for their families' premiums. But there is NO pre-existing conditions exclusion for anyone in the family.

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